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Multiply your capacity for leadership and maximize your potential for excellence

Leaders take risks, seek challenges and seize opportunities. Leading an organization requires a diverse set of qualities and skills that empowers individuals to assume new challenges. Transformational leaders display the behaviors they seek.

Our leadership development program targets Supervisors, Managers, and Executives and equip them with the critical skills they need to advance. Let us help develop your organization’s leadership capacity!

What we offer

Every organization needs effective and well-rounded leaders, individuals who are determined not to lead with ego, who are self-aware, conscious, and willing to develop blind-spots. Effective leaders provides psychological safety and use their influence to spark innovation, creativity, inspire, and build collaborative teams.

Creativity & limitless thinking

Strong communication ability

Efficiency in process & system building

Empathy & human connection

We believe the best leaders are remarkable influencers who can portray a vision and drive teams to execute. Let us equip you with the skills to build a thriving culture.

The perfect candidates

At ACT, we believe that everyone has an innate potential for leadership. Regardless of the size of your organization, we will collaborate with you to create a culture of dynamism and excellence.

Our candidates include:



Senior Executives

Lead with purpose

Why choose our program

Learning is most effective when people want to learn and believe that they can. We use a real-world approach to address the realities and challenges many leaders face. Motivation captures the direction, level of effort and persistence with which learners invest in learning a new skill or task.

Self-leadership is the foundation for building cohesive teams and promoting the organization’s vision in a continuously changing environment. We employ industry assessments and material that provide a common language throughout the development program, adopting government and industry leadership best practices.

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Enroll in our leadership development program today and start building your capacity for transformational leadership. Contact us today!